wonderful experienced and well organized by Alpine Asian Trekking company

-Benjamin James, UK
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To whom it may concern

I have just completed the round Annapurna Circuit Trekking. It was a wonderful experienced and well organized by Alpine Asian Trekking company. In particular my guide Ang was extremely good and enhanced the trek immeasurably, he was a great help and a good guy to be with. He comes with my highest regards and recommendation.



Nepal Mountain Trekking

-With lots of love and respect, KostadinkeTodorova , Razlog ,Bulgaria
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To Alpine Asian and Team,

Dear Friends,

I just would like to thanks you cordially for the enchanting moments spent in his beautiful country and gorgeous mountain. The friendly atmosphere was also enhanced by the pleasant and worm people accompanying us- our guide Mr. Ram and especially our porter Mr. Debi and of course and the local people on the trek. Thank you once again cordially for making my dreams true. Hope I will be able to repeat them many times in my life!

With lots of love and respect,


Exceptional and Truly Exciting and Fulfilling

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“Exceptional and Truly Exciting and Fulfilling”

The Pilgrimage trek to Damodar Kunda and Lo-manthang in Upper Mustang in Nepal has been exceptional and truly exciting and fulfilling. The trip was made comfortable and enjoyable by the excellent services rendered by the staff of Alpine Asian Treks & Exp (P) Ltd who took special care of each one of us to make it a life time experience for all of us.

Ghorepani Poon Hill Trek

- Ana Mico Manez, Spain
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“Enjoyed so much with the mountains!”

It was a really nice trek. I enjoyed so much with the mountains, views and nice people. I really enjoyed the trek with Chuda. He is the best guide I ever could have imagined. Friendly, respectful, professional – made me feel very safe. Next time I would choose Chuda again.

“Thanks for helping us arrange a very good ABC Trek!”

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Dear Shekhar,
“Thanks for helping us arrange a very good ABC Trek!”
We are now back in Shanghai, and back to normal life, working. But all the impressions and happy memories from Nepal will stay with us for a long time, and help us keep our spirits high during the autumn!

First of all, I want to thank you and your company for the arrangements and planning of our trek, and your patience when we had to change and update our plans, number of participants, schedules and preferred routes. And all our questions about preparations!

The guide in Kathmandu, Keshar (I hope I both remember and spell his name correctly, please excuse me if not), was very good for our group of people! Well balanced sightseeing of the city in the limited time we had, good choice of places/events, and also having much knowledge about all the things that we asked about. You can immediately feel that he is a nice person!

Binod Lama is as you told us in advance, a very very good guide. Both his skills and friendly and humble personality were much appreciated by us during the whole trek. Everything went very smooth and without any complications for us, thanks to Lama! Please make sure he gets this good official feedback from our group, and I will of course also contact him myself to thank him.

The two porters were also good, nice and friendly. I think they will continue to learn and grow even more under guidance from Lama, who seemed to always try to share his knowledge with them in a good way.

If some small issues should be remarked, I think we should have prepared our porter luggage better, the loads were maybe a bit on the heavy side. From their side, I would have appreciated better rain protection of the bags during the heaviest rains, even if the outside material is waterproof, zippers are usually not, so we had some pretty wet gear one of the days.

For us as Swedish people, we are absolutely not used to having so much help from others, like having porters, and people trying to earn some money by carrying bags at airports, hotels, etc. Even in the mountains, we always carry our own gear. Please excuse us if we have been acting rude, and might not have understood appropriate tipping, for different categories of services. The tipping is very hard for us to judge the correct size of, to have any relations how to compare it with for example a meal or similar that people need or usually have.

If you can and will, I think it will be appreciated by other future travellers to have guidance for what is expected and appropriate as “base level” for tipping different categories of services.

So, what will we keep in our minds and hearts after this trekking? I should only speak for myself, even if I think my friends would agree!

The largest and right now most important impressions:
– The friendly and kind spirit of Nepal, both in Katmandu, Pokhara, and out in the mountains. No doubt I would like to come back to your country and see more of it, do other treks!

– To have the possibility to be outdoors for several days in a row, experiencing the beautiful nature of your country.

– All the nice local food and tea.

– Our kind, polite and well-organized guides.

– That we in the morning in ABC really had the opportunity to see the Annapurna I, that had been covered in clouds and fog until then! Also, the surrounding mountain massifs were an astonishing view.

An unforgettable journey through the Himalayas

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“An unforgettable journey through the Himalayas!”
We heard about Shekhar and Alpine Asian Treks from a friend in South Africa that had a trek with them. Everything we heard was true. Shekhar was very organized, professional and helpful and make an extra effort to make us feel welcome and looked after. He took us out for dinner when we arrived. He also managed to get us onto a flight to Lukla when most flights were delayed with a huge backlog. We had a great city tour with a knowledgeable and friendly guide.

Our Everest base camp guide, Binod was also very friendly and helpful and went out of his was to make our trip comfortable and enjoyable (like hot showers!), singing to us, playing cards + organizing rooms + food etc. We will remember him fondly for many years.

Thank you for an unforgettable journey through the Himalayas that will be part of our souls forever

Ghorepani Poon Hill Trek

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[Wang Shao Yu and Huang Yu Chu @ Ghorepani poon hill trek]

“It’s very good! Excellent!”

Thanks for Dibash lead us to complete this trip. It’s very hard but worth it. We are very lucky to see the mountain in this rainy season. It was so beautiful and spectacular. Mountain with star and moon is the best view I ever seen. I have a happy time in these five days. We are really appreciate.

Wang Shao Yu

“We have confidence in this company”

We really enjoy in this trekking. They was very attentive to us. Always stay with us. We often take rest when we are trekking. And they singing on the way and let us forgot the tired (we learn a song also) We are so lucky trekking with kind people and saw the mountain in this season.

Huang Yu Chu

Sangot Melelohan

-Fandi A. Maulana , Indonesia
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1. Sangot Melelohan

2. Banyak budaya lokal

3. Pengalaman yang tidak terlupakan

4. Murah tapi tidak meriah

5. Perlu dicoba lah

6. Pemandu sangat ramah dan membontu sehingga tidak takut di negara asing

7. Perusahoon sangat membantu dalam membuat jadwal dan bila ingin bepergian akan diberi pefunjuk

Perjalnan Panjang dan mele lah kan

5 reviews

– Perjalnan Panjang dan mele lah kan

– tersedia ‘dalbat’ dani bavah samppai atar

– Banyak desa lokal

– Saya suka semuanya

– Guide nya OKe

– Alam nya Lagus

– Boleh di coba !


First of all an Amazing trip!

-Monika V. Andersen Helde R. Hansen , Denmark
5 reviews

First of all an Amazing trip!

It was very good service from our crew. We had a very nice and cozy time together with our guide and porter. The guide Dilraj was kind to answer all our questions and he was always easy to find if we needed anything. Both the guide and the porter were always happy which makes us happy and safe as well.

Annapurna Circuit is normally 18 days but we arranged the trip to be 11 days so that we could get it exactly the way that fits our trip in Nepal – that was a very nice option.

The nature around Annapurna circuit is absolutely stunning and we have never seen anything as beautiful and amazing as this. Therefore, we will definitely recommend this trip to others.

Especially we will recommend our guide Dilraj and our porter Ramchandra because they were a king, happy, polite and very helpful crew.