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Nepali cooking training


Nepali cooking training नेपाली कुकिङ्ग ट्रेनिंग is a cooking teaching school in Kathmandu. The main purpose of our teaching is to cook a typical Nepali meal. Ms. Kalpana, our cooking teacher is been cooking Nepali meal for more than 20 years. Her authentic Nepali food has been approved (Tripadvisor) from previous learners.  The best of her cooking is MOMO, Dal Bhat set, Pickle, Rice Pudding, Thukpa, Sel Roti, Masala tea etc.
Nepali meal has lots of different varieties and uses many different spices to make it tasty. The major meal is Dal Bhat in the hilly region and Roti tarkari in southern Nepal. The ingredients are mainly contaminated rice, wheat, lentil, potato, meet etc. The main cooking methods are deep fried, boiling, steaming, stewing and roasting.
Nepali cooking training school is located to the south-west of Thamel (10 km) at Kirtipur. We will pick (7:30 approx) you up in the morning from the hotel and welcome to our school. You will be Welcomed with Nepali Masala tea. The next start preparing the main course and cooking. Enjoy the meal which you have cooked and after a break, teach you another recipe.
Optional: We have homestay facilities as well as. You can spend 1 night with us and explore more about Nepali culture, tradition and many more recipes.

How can we book?: You can send an email to us with the details of your required date and no of person who would like to join in teaching or you can call (+977-9813670109) directly by telephone as well as.
How to get there?: Please provide us with your hotel details when booking. We will pick you from your hotel (Thamel, Patan or around) and drop you off after cooking finish.
Which food should we learn to cook: There are many choices but the mostly learned recipes are Nepali Dal Bhat set and MOMO.
How to pay: You can pay us after your arrival or send to us to our bank.
Vegetarian also ok?:  Yes, we will prepare a vegetarian set of the meal for you. Please mention your allergy or any dietary while booking.
Price: Price starts from US$50.

Trip Highlights

  • Learn how to cook authentic Nepali meal at home
  • Know about Nepalese recipes and delicacies
  • See the Himalayan view in a clear day from our location
  • Escape from the crowd and pollution to peace and clean air
  • Know about Nepali life style and culture


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Nepali cooking training
You can take only one course in one day. If you would like to try few more course either you stay over night at our home stay or can take 2 day course.

Option no 01 (Non Veg)
Nepali Masala tea: Welcome with Nepali Masala tea cooking and drink for refreshment. 
Nepali Dab Bhat: 
 Start from preparation (chopping, grinding, pealing, cooking) This menu will includes a set Nepali set meal (Rice, Dal soup, Chicken, seasonal vegetable, Spinach, pickle, green salad and tea or coffee)
MOMO: After a bit rest, starting preparing momos. This is a dumpling which has meat inside and stem cooked.

Option no 02 (Veg)
Nepali Masala tea: Welcome with Nepali Masala tea cooking and drink for refreshment.
Veg Nepali Dal Bhat: This menu will includes a set of Nepali meal (Rice, Dal soup, Palak Paneer, seasonal vegetable, Spinach, pickle, green salad and tea or coffee)
Rice Pudding: Rice pudding will be cooked in milk.

Option no 03 (Veg/ Non veg)
Nepali Masala tea: Welcome with Nepali Masala tea cooking and drink for refreshment.
Noodles: This can be friend noodles (chowmin) , soup noodles (thukpa) or quick noodle soup.
Fried Rice: This can be veg, egg or non veg.
Sel Roti: Celebration bread which will be made from rice floor and steer fried in oil.
Pakoda: mixed vegetable will be chopping in small slices and make a small ball in beson floor and stir fry in oil.
Chapatti: This is a dry oven (Tawa) bread from wheat floor.
Halua: This dish is made from rice floor after stir fried in oil and put water to make semi liquid.
Malpuwa: Make a semi liquid from wheat floor and stir fry in oil.

a) Bhat (Rice): Bhat is a rice which is the main course in Nepali food. There are some different quality rice for Bhat.
b) Dal (Soup): It is a lentil soup which is used to mix with Bhat and eat. Dal can have dirrerent verities with different beans as well as.
c) Tarkari: It is a vegetable. There are many ingredients to make seasonally.
d) Achar (Chatni): Achar can be make from various ingredients as well as and they put vinegar and chilly as per their taste.
e) Masu (Meat): Generally Nepalese eat goat, chicken and buff meat. It can be made gravy or fried.
f) Dahi (Yogurt): Yogurt made from yak or buffalo milk.
g) making rice and boiling as well as.
h) Salad: With seasonal fruits.

What are included?

  • Pick you up and drop to from your hotel/ guest house (Thamel and around)
  • Cooking materials as per agreed menu
  • Breakfast and lunch which you will make when learning.

What are not included?

  • All the expenses in the city
  • Tipping and gratitude
  • If you like to stay at our home stay

Trip Enquiry

The itinerary listed is a guideline and standard pattern which we provide you. This trekking can be modified according to your time and requirements. We will be pleased if you provide every minor details about your trip.

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Frequently asked questions

We will give you two choices within (Dal Bhat set, MoMo, Thukpa, rice pudding, Sel Roti, Pakoda, Chapati, Halua, Malpuwa) Masala tea will come automatically.
We will provide all cooking stuff and supporting things which in our course. Please come with pen, note book, camera.
You pay the bill before you arrive by transferring to our bank or pay once you are at our school.