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A Korean Trekkers was lost in Annapuran Base Camp Trek

korean rescued girl

A Korean Trekkers was lost in Annapuran Base Camp Trek

Don’t trek alone in Nepal

A 26 years old Korean lady trekked to Annapurna base camp on her holiday in March 2018. This was her second time to Nepal but first time to trek. She had learnt Hindi so she could understand some Nepali language as well as.

She had started her trekking alone from Pokhara. She had met a Korean boy on the way trek to ABC. He was younger than her so he was like her younger brother. She had enjoyed with him in  trekking and also meet many other trekkers on the way. They have been to Annapurna Base Camp and had the wonderful time. After enjoyed the base camp they trekked down the same way till Chomrong (a village on the way to ABC). Her Korean friend plan to trek to Mardi Himal Trek but she decided to go back to Pokhara as she had some pain on her leg. They were separated from there and she was alone. There were two different route to go to Ghandruk where she wants to trek to next village.

This was last Friday (16/03/2018), she left Chomrong after her breakfast and took the upper route as she did not know about the lower route. This is old route and now it is not being using. After some hours walking she realized that she lost her way. She did not find any way to walk ahead. She tried to go ahead through and after long walking she arrived somewhere at grassland. There was no any sign of people walking. She was hopeless and call to other Korean friend’s guide. The guide replied that she took wrong route. He further said to her to return the same way. But she lost her way she came.
She started to think that she would not live. She decided to cross the river and go to another side so that she wold fine some ways. She could hardly cross the river as the stone underwater were very slippery. She slides down few times. She was totally wet. She wanted to protect her mobile though she gets wet. She packs it into the plastic bag. She did not find any way to go ahead after crossing the river as well as.  She did not find any way to exit and she was very worried. She started to go down through the grassland further. She thought that she will find someone when she will get down to the river. She could manage to go down to river but she find nothings. It was already late and she did not find any help and was very horrifying. She did not know what to do next. She wanted to save her mobile to contact people for help.

She imagines that if she dies they will find her by the bag so she put it in a big stone. She thought to call helicopter to be rescued but there was no telephone reception. She walked little bit ahead and looked her trekking map. She could find the contact of the officer of Annapurna Conservation Area Project ACAP. She could contact to her but her balance was too low only 5Nrs left to talk longer. She ask Rashmi to call back. Ms. Rashmi send her Rs.500. balance credit so that she could call further. As the officer lady knows that she was very horrifying, she been calling to her frequently. The officer lady was in contact with her for about 4 hours. She was calling in every 10 minutes which helps the Korean lady to calm down a bit. The officer lady inform to the business persons in that area and they imidately left to help her. It was getting dark. She was alone in the jungle, the quietness and very worried. There could be danger of wild animal. The rescuers were calling her frequently which gives her some good hope. They were calling her to point the location but she could not give the right location. It was getting dark and she was very hungry as she left with breakfast and had nothing  after. She had no snacks even as it was like last day. She had left just some water in a small bottle. Luckily she had power bank and she could recharge her cell phone to call others or receive the call. Though the reception was very poor.

It was about 8:00 pm she could see some light who were in search of her. They were calling her but she cant tell then where she is. Finally, they could find her. When she realize that she will live, her eyes were full of tears. There were 4 person in search of her. They make a fire to make her warm. They rescue her up to the a better place and it was very difficult. They brought some food to her which seh are. Now she feels like normal.

It was about 11:00 pm they arrived to hotel in Chmrong. When she looked her face, it was muddy. She took a shower and sleep that night. The following day she left to Ghandruk.
She did not yet informed her family thinking that they would be very worry. She informed only after she arrived to Pokhara to her mother. They were very worried about her situation but now she is out of danger.

She would like to thank to the officer lady who credit Rs.500 balance to her mobile and those who rescued her. Now she is feeling as this is her second birth.

She would like to suggest to other trekkers not to trek alone. At least trek with friend or take guide or porter. She would stay there in Pokhara for few days. She further said that you must follow the main trail and see carefully to the park signs. She said that she was stupid and lost her way. She was lost in jungle alone for about 8 hours. She believe that her experience would be lesson for others.

The news was copied form The reporter is Santosh pokhrel form Pokahra.