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Joining for volunteering


Joining for volunteering

Volunteering is  the commitment of time and energy, for the benefit of the society and the community, the environment or individuals outside ones immediate family. It is undertaken freely and by choice, without concern for financial gain.

Alpine Asian Treks and Expedition P Ltd join a volunteering program for 3 days in School at Arthumka village, Tanahun.  The volunteering program was organized by Quest Volunteer travel and initiated by Mr. Roman and Peter form Switzerland. Mr Victor and Markus from Spain,  Salvee,  Deven, Pradeep and myself Shekhar were there for 4 days.

26th of June 2017: We start our journey riding a tourist bus from Kathmandu at 7:00 am.  Get down in Dumre Bazar and take a local taxi to Bandipur. We took our lunch at Banidpur and   walk (2hr with heavy load of paint and gift to student) down to Seratar village where we stayed for night. It was a burning hot and dry day with about 30  degree. We were totally wet by sweating. It took us 2hours to arrive to the village which is about6km down hills. We had enjoyed night with local cuisine.


27th June, The following day, it was cloudy with little rain. It really helps us to hike to our destination (Shree Bhairab School). We arrive at school at 9:00 am. The students were not yet there. We start to set the distribution things and preparation for painting. The students and guardians starts to show up by around 10:30 am. They were all arrived by around 11:00 am. Now the head master of the school calls us inside the school room  and try to organize a informal function. Peter distribute the bag of gift (pen, note book, pencil sharpener,  eraser, some chocolate, gum, water colour, painting brush, a school bag and ball, badminton, globe map, and some teaching materials were handed over to head teacher ) and Roman is taking a pictures. The environment was a bit emotional. We complete the distribution program.

The nextwe started to make colour ready. Someof us started to paint primarily and some of colouring final coat. It was hot and humid but we were enjoying. We had a very basic noodle lunch at nearbythe local shop. Again continue painting and at about 4:00 pm we stop for today. We return to our night rest at about 1:30hr walking.  We had local meal (Dal Bhat) and went sleep.

28th June, it had raining heavily from 4:00 am. We had some bread and tea for breakfast and started to head to our school in rainy morning. We arrive at school by 9:30 and continue to paint, sketching some art, writing characters in wall, English characters, numbers and etc. We have had a hard working and finish at 2:00 pm. We decided to leave the village with a sentimental mood. We walk to Seratar for dal bhat and continue to our journey to Bandipur for night stop.  We were exhausted, tired, hungry and thirsty but happy.  When we arrive in Bandipur, the weather was pleasant and we all were happy and satisfied. Had a dinner and night rest at a local guest house.

29th June, drive down to Dumre and ride a tourist bus to Kathmandu.

School Name: Shree Bhairav Primary School
Address:  Bandipur-2, Tanahun
Principle: SuryaKanta Sharma
No. Of Staff: 2+1
No. Of Class:  grade 1 -3
Total no. of Students:  33.
Contact: Alpine Asian Treks and Expedition P Ltd