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Group Join Trekking in Nepal 2020

Group join trekking in Nepal 2020

Group Join Trekking in Nepal 2020

Trekking in the Nepal Himalaya is the most popular walking adventure in the world. There are more than half a million trekkers hike into the foot hills of Himalaya every year. Many trekkers buy a group package (including guide, porter, meal, permit, transportation and accommodation) from the authorized trekking company or find their own partner to their desired trekking. Regarding the safety issue, it is not recommended to trek alone.

There are many individual trekkers who are looking for a
trekking partner. Finding another person would help to cut down the cost and
feel safe. Furthermore, the single girl trekkers are looking another convenient
person to their safety as well as.

As per Nepal government rules, Some specified trekking area requires
at least 2 foreign trekkers to issue the trekking permit. These areas are Upper
Mustang, Upper Dolpo, Lower Dolpo, Manaslu circuit, Tsum Valley, Nar Phu,  Nangpa La, Olangchung Gola, Simikot etc.

There are BLOG and sites to find the similar interest
trekkers to join. Further, the trekking company based in Nepal also offering a group
join trekking to the different trekking areas. 
You can try to find them by emailing them or searching through the

It would also help to make new friend at the same time but
there may some inconvenient as well as.

Advantage of joining group

Make a new
you would make many new friend from travelling. But by
joining the same adventure trip, you may make a close friend.

Helpful and
feel safe:
If you became a sick or any emergency, your friend may help
you immediately in difficult time. That can be helping physically or calling
for help.

If you realize to hire a guide or porter, you can cut down
the price by sharing and also you can share the room. If you are going to
special controlled area you can easily apply the permit.

are permit:
As per Nepal government rules it will require at least 2
foreigner trekkers to apply the controlled area permit. If you are alone, it would
help you to obtain permit.

guide sharing:
If you are planning to climb to Himalayan peak and thinking
to hire a climbing guide, sharing will reduce the price remarkably. You may
have many things beside the permit only. 

permit sharing:
If you are a mountain climber and buying a mountain
climbing permit, sharing with other person or group would help to cut down the

Disadvantage of joining group

person and her/ his interest:
The unknown person can have
different interest or habit and pace of hiking. You may not like it or bother

to decide:
If one of you became sick, there may occur a problem that
whether one continue to trekking with guide or send a guide with the sick

Share the
If your trekking partner is not strong enough to follow your
pace, you may have to help to bring her/ him with you ahead.

Our recommendations

  • Search for a reliable trekking company in Nepal and ask if they have similar trekking to join.
  • Visit different blog and sites where individual trekkers looking for a partner and post their time and interested area of trekking.
  • if your budget allows you to hire a guide, Alpine Asian Treks and Expedition P Ltd highly recommend a guide (may be just to a difficult section). It will help you to make a memorable trip and you will be safe.
  • Talk about the potential problems and solutions so that in case you have make your mind already and you can decide immediately.
  • Don’t trek alone. There may have some local village trail or buffalo trail that may make you confuse and lose your way. That may lead you to serious problem.

If you require more information about Nepal trekking, you can send us email.