Bhutan is a unique kingdom with unique culture, tradition and hospitality. A purely Buddhist Himalayan Kingdom welcomes to the travelers with its unspoiled culture. Bhutanese government preserve the century's unique culture and tradition, they have avoided a mass tourism. That makes Bhutan a truly unique destination to explore the life which is believed in Buddhism, mountain, festivals and people. Travelers will enjoy monasteries perched at the tops of mountain peaks, ancient Buddhist art and sculpture, dense forests and spectacular valleys.

Bhutanese language is an old Tibetan language though people speak English in the city area. You can pick your city or destination and we will tailor as per your interest and time. The Major cities are paro valley, Thimpu, Punaka, Bumthang, Haa Valley, and Far East Tashighang.

Bhutan offers trekking trip towards the northern side. Chomolari, the highest mountain in Bhutan offers a beautiful circuit. Trekking towards the remote area is an experience at a life time. Trekking in Bhutan will be guided a local guide and yak to carry your logistic and food support.

These days, Bhutan offers some home stay experience which is staying at a local house, eat at a house and join a family is much appreciated by tourist as well as. Further you can write us with your interest, time and notes so that our expert will reply you with the best suggestions and options. Bhutan welcomes all countries people within their tourism policy and rules.


Food: Bhutanese people have their own meal which is hot and spicy. But there are western menu to all the western standard hotel and restaurants.

Language: Bhutanse national language is Dzongkhar, which is a old Tibetan language. City people can speak English. There are some Nepali origin Bhutanese who speak Nepali as well as.

Culture: Bhutan is a Purely Buddhist country. Their culture is based on Buddhism.

Money: Bhutan has their own currency called Nultrum. But they accept major foreign currency. Us$, Euro and Indian Rupee are easily accepted.

Climate: Bhutan has a monsoon from Bay of Bengal. June, July and August remain rainy. The winter gets below zero to the northern part.

Political system: Bhutan is a Kingdom. They have a prime minister from the people. The king directly rule the kingdom.

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