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Cultural dress tour in Kathmandu


What is cultural Nepali dress:
Nepal is very rich in cultural diversity. The people in Nepal wear different colorful dresses as per their festival and occasions.  Generally, a man wears Daura Suruwal with Dhaka Topi and women wear Cholo, Sari with the scarf, Tika, Chura, Pote and etc. The dress also varies as per the religion (Buddhist, Hindu) and cast (Newari, Brahmin, Gurung, Tamang, Tharu) as well as.

Where you can wear Cultural dress tour in Kathmandu:
Foreigners can wear Nepali dress for cultural experiences. We have been helping the tourist to wear Nepali dress and visit the temple in the morning, go shopping or do sightseeing. Take some photos for memory and etc.

When you can wear:
If there is any function going to happen with your Nepali friend colleague, you can wear them. The ideal time to the tourist to wear a Nepali cultural dress can be either in the morning and visit a nearby temple or wear it and take a day tour around the city. And of course around the Hotel lobby, garden and balcony, and roof top.

How to wear:
It is not difficult to wear man dress but women’s dress is a bit tricky. We will provide a lady guide to assist you to wear women dress. The man dress is comparatively easy and handy.

Who can wear :
Anyone who would like to wear for experience the Nepalese culture can wear the Nepali dress.  There are no restrictions to wear Nepali the dress.

Where to find  Cultural dress tour in Kathmandu:
We organize a dress to rent for a day or as per your requirement. We need your body size (height, waist, chest etc.). Further, you can tell what color you prefer and we will keep them ready when you arrive.

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The itinerary listed is a guideline and standard pattern which we provide you. This trekking can be modified according to your time and requirements. We will be pleased if you provide every minor details about your trip.

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