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Vehicle hiring in Nepal

Vehicle Services

There are few direct flights to Nepal from the rest of the world. The traveler’s from Europe, America or Australia have to change their flight either in Golf countries, Hongkong, Bangkok or Indiae. Except the flight Nepal has road connection from Indian and China (Tibet). Mainly there are three entrance form Indian which is Birjung –Raxaul Bazar, Sunauli- Bhairawa, Kakarbhitta – Siliguri and Kodari (Friendship Bridge from China) Sunauli is the best to enter to Nepal form Vanarashi the Indian city. Birjung is the easy way form Kolkotta a Kakarbhitta is idle form Darjeeling. Kodari is only the way form China to Nepal by overland. After entering to Nepal we have some different means of transport as following :

Rickshaws in Nepal

Rickshaws are the three wheeler power drives. The are mostly used to go to the shortest distance inside the city. They are normally used inside the city. They are common in Kathmadu and the southern part of Nepal. The rate of the Rickshaws is depends on bargain but they are safe and enjoyable.
Motorbike/ Bicycle in Nepal

In Nepal while you are in the city you can use Cycle and Motorbike as the local means of transport. If you want to ride a Bike you need to have a license and you can rent them from the renting shop that are in some corner of the city. They may cost around Rs500 for a day to hire the bike and Rs250.00 per day for the bicycle. You have to put the gas for the bike yourself and helmet is compulsory to drive.
Taxis in Nepal

There are hiring taxies in the main city. Normally the taxis have a meter an you can pay the bill what the meter shows. If you are not familiar to the city or your destination it would be ideal to fix the cost before you take them. There may have some taxis to bargain and have rough idea so that you don’t pay much. If you are taking for long distance if would be recommended to take form the recommended place so that if you have problem you will have place to complain.
Local Buses in Nepal

There are local buses to the most part of the countries except the extreme Himalayan region. Normally there are day and night buses. If you are traveling in the highway the fare is almost fixed but towards the country side of off-road that can be under discussion. Please keep in mind that they may not punctual as you expect.
Tourist Bus in Nepal

There are few cities where there have a tourist bus service like Kathmandu to Pokhara, kathmndu to Chitwan and kathmandu to Sunauli. The all let form kathmndu and all in the morning only. They are the foreign people carriers so they are punctual and the cost is fixed. You can get the ticket from any travel agents in the city. It would be good to be booked in advance so that you have your seat. The are safe and they will stop for the clean place for lunch or tea coffee.
Private Vehicle in Nepal

Private transport is the most convenient transport to your travel. The can stop any where you want and they are clean and comfortable. The cost are as accordingly you are going to the places or hiring time. There are small to the deluxe buses and form the old 80s model to the latest models jeep or cars are available. When you hire the your private transport it will be with the driver and fuel.
Domestic Aeroplane

There are many domestic airport even in the mountain where there is no any means of road. Basically there tourist and non tourist places. If you are flying towards the tourist places it will be available almost every day but if you are flying towards the non touristic areas it will be good to book in advance. Though tourist destination also busy in the season time.