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Tour Trekking guide in Nepal


Alpine Asian Treks and Expedition supply the best experienced tour trekking guide in Nepal to make a wonderful holiday to our clients. Our  professional guide Guide would take care of our clients to make a pleasant stay in Nepal and provide information about history, culture, people, religion and etc. We have  multi language speaking guide to make more reliable to our clients.

Trekking Guide: Trekking guides are a mountain guide in Nepal. The trekking guide keeps knowledge about the area, people, climatic conditions, the potential problems. They would help you to manage a accommodation while in trekking and meal. They will take care of you and manage local porters as per requirement. Further they keeps knowledge about mountain sickness and prevention. Most of the guide were started their carer being a porter, porter guide and a trekking guide after they know the route of trekking, can speak English and a necessary training.

City Tour Guide: We have a professionals city tour guide who keeps general knowledge about local culture, history, religion and local people. They will take you for sight seeing as per your itinerary. They speak good English and are very friendly. Our guide are always worthy to make your tour smooth and within time bound.

Rafting Guide: Nepal is the best destination for white water rafting. Nepal has world class river to enjoy the Rafting. When you are going to enjoy the white water rafting you should be guided by a license guide.

Kayaking Guide: Kayaking is a adventure sport. Nepal is the best destination to enjoy Kayaking. If you are a beginner or want to learn kayaking, you should be guided by a professional. Generally there is no license system to be a Kayak guide. It depends how you find them or who do a supply.

Cannoning Guide: Cannoning is anther adventure sport in Nepal. Nepal has best spots to experience it. If you want to enjoy it or learn about it, you should hire a professional guide. Cannoning guide also has no license from Nepal government. It would all depends on how do you find them or who is providing this services.

Cycling Guide: You can paddle in Himalayan trail or in mid hills, you will have a stunning view of Giant Himalaya. We have a well experienced cycling guide who knows the trail and can led you the best way to experience Nepal.

Mountain Climbing Guide: Mountain climbing is a dream to all the adventure lovers. A good knowledgeable guide can give you the feeling of success of your expedition. It requires a training to be a mountain climbing guide and a good experience.