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Testimonials - Trip Reviews from our Clients

Trip Name : Annpurna Circuit Trek

Trip Start Date : 01 November 2014

First of all an Amazing trip!

It was very good service from our crew. We had a very nice and cozy time together with our guide and porter. The guide Dilraj was kind to answer all our questions and he was always easy to find if we needed anything. Both the guide and the porter were always happy which makes us happy and safe as well.

Annapurna Circuit is normally 18 days but we arranged the trip to be 11 days so that we could get it exactly the way that fits our trip in Nepal – that was a very nice option.

The nature around Annapurna circuit is absolutely stunning and we have never seen anything as beautiful and amazing as this. Therefore, we will definitely recommend this trip to others.

Especially we will recommend our guide Dilraj and our porter Ramchandra because they were a king, happy, polite and very helpful crew.

Monika V. Andersen
Helde R. Hansen

Trip Name : Langtang Trip

Trip Start Date : 14 July 2014

- Perjalnan Panjang dan mele lah kan

- tersedia 'dalbat' dani bavah samppai atar

- Banyak desa lokal

- Saya suka semuanya

- Guide nya OKe

- Alam nya Lagus

- Boleh di coba !

Suvaryono Semardi

Trip Name : Langtang Trekking

Trip Start Date : 13 July 2014

1. Sangot Melelohan

2. Banyak budaya lokal

3. Pengalaman yang tidak terlupakan

4. Murah tapi tidak meriah

5. Perlu dicoba lah

6. Pemandu sangat ramah dan membontu sehingga tidak takut di negara asing

7. Perusahoon sangat membantu dalam membuat jadwal dan bila ingin bepergian akan diberi pefunjuk

Fandi A. Maulana

Trip Name : Ghorepani Poon Hill Trek

Trip Start Date : July 2014

"It's very good! Excellent!"

Thanks for Dibash lead us to complete this trip. It's very hard but worth it. We are very lucky to see the mountain in this rainy season. It was so beautiful and spectacular. Mountain with star and moon is the best view I ever seen. I have a happy time in these five days. We are really appreciate.

Wang Shao Yu

"We have confidence in this company"

We really enjoy in this trekking. They was very attentive to us. Always stay with us. We often take rest when we are trekking. And they singing on the way and let us forgot the tired (we learn a song also) We are so lucky trekking with kind people and saw the mountain in this season.

Huang Yu Chu

Trip Name : Everest Base Camp Trek

Trip Start Date : October 2013

"An unforgettable journey through the Himalayas!"

We heard about Shekhar and Alpine Asian Treks from a friend in South Africa that had a trek with them. Everything we heard was true. Shekhar was very organized, professional and helpful and make an extra effort to make us feel welcome and looked after. He took us out for dinner when we arrived. He also managed to get us onto a flight to Lukla when most flights were delayed with a huge backlog. We had a great city tour with a knowledgeable and friendly guide.

Our Everest base camp guide, Binod was also very friendly and helpful and went out of his was to make our trip comfortable and enjoyable (like hot showers!), singing to us, playing cards + organizing rooms + food etc. We will remember him fondly for many years.

Thank you for an unforgettable journey through the Himalayas that will be part of our souls forever

Debbie and Andrew
South Africa

Trip Name : Annapurna Base Camp Trek

Trip Start Date : September 2013

Dear Shekhar,

"Thanks for helping us arrange a very good ABC Trek!"

We are now back in Shanghai, and back to normal life, working. But all the impressions and happy memories from Nepal will stay with us for a long time, and help us keep our spirits high during the autumn!

First of all, I want to thank you and your company for the arrangements and planning of our trek, and your patience when we had to change and update our plans, number of participants, schedules and preferred routes. And all our questions about preparations!

The guide in Kathmandu, Keshar (I hope I both remember and spell his name correctly, please excuse me if not), was very good for our group of people! Well balanced sightseeing of the city in the limited time we had, good choice of places/events, and also having much knowledge about all the things that we asked about. You can immediately feel that he is a nice person!

Binod Lama is as you told us in advance, a very very good guide. Both his skills and friendly and humble personality were much appreciated by us during the whole trek. Everything went very smooth and without any complications for us, thanks to Lama! Please make sure he gets this good official feedback from our group, and I will of course also contact him myself to thank him.

The two porters were also good, nice and friendly. I think they will continue to learn and grow even more under guidance from Lama, who seemed to always try to share his knowledge with them in a good way.

If some small issues should be remarked, I think we should have prepared our porter luggage better, the loads were maybe a bit on the heavy side. From their side, I would have appreciated better rain protection of the bags during the heaviest rains, even if the outside material is waterproof, zippers are usually not, so we had some pretty wet gear one of the days.

For us as Swedish people, we are absolutely not used to having so much help from others, lika having porters, and people trying to earn some money by carrying bags at airports, hotels, etc. Even in the mountains, we always carry our own gear. Please excuse us if we have been acting rude, and might not have understood appropriate tipping, for different categories of services. The tipping is very hard for us to judge the correct size of, to have any relations how to compare it with for example a meal or similar that people need or usually have.

If you can and will, I think it will be appreciated by other future travellers to have guidance for what is expected and appropriate as "base level" for tipping different categories of services.

So, what will we keep in our minds and hearts after this trekking? I should only speak for myself, even if I think my friends would agree!

The largest and right now most important impressions:
- The friendly and kind spirit of Nepal, both in Katmandu, Pokhara, and out in the mountains. No doubt I would like to come back to your contry and see more of it, do other treks!

- To have the possibility to be outdoors for several days in a row, experiencing the beautiful nature of your country.

- All the nice local food and tea.

- Our kind, polite and well-organized guides.

- That we in the morning in ABC really had the opportunity to see the Annapurna I, that had been covered in clouds and fog until then! Also, the surrounding mountain massifs were an astonishing view.

Monica Carlsson,
in company with
Anders, Jan-Ola, Fredrik and Conny


Trip Name : Ghorepani Poon Hill Trek

Trip Start Date : August 2013

"Enjoyed so much with the mountains!"

It was a really nice trek. I enjoyed so much with the mountains, views and nice people. I really enjoyed the trek with Chuda. He is the best guide I ever could have imagined. Friendly, respectful, professional – made me feel very safe. Next time I would choose Chuda again.

Ana Mico Manez

Trip Name : Tibet Everest Base Camp Trek

Trip Start Date : September 2012

"Experience of a lifetime- absolutely amazing!"

I stumbled across in AATE in Kathmandu, Nepal- A lucky coincidence since they offered the one trip to the mysterious hidden country that I have dreamed of: All the way from the breath-taking view of Mt. Everest from the Tibetan Base Camp to the majestetic beauty of the Potala palace in Lhasa. Stunning! It was an adventure to experience the culture, life style and altitude, but a very pleasant one due to the constant efforts of our lovely guide. This should be on the list of what to do at least once in your life time.

Nora Roüast

Trip Name : Damodar Kunda Trek

Trip Start Date : 25 June 2013

"Exceptional and Truly Exciting and Fulfilling"

The Pilgrimage trek to Damodar Kunda and Lo-manthang in Upper Mustang in Nepal has been exceptional and truly exciting and fulfilling. The trip was made comfortable and enjoyable by the excellent services rendered by the staff of Alpine Asian Treks & Exp (P) Ltd who took special care of each one of us to make it a life time experience for all of us.

Dr. Ajit Kumar Verma| Indian/ Norway (Professor @ IIT Bombay, Mumbai, India)
Anu Pastogi, Indian / Canadian
Dr. Maneesh Singh, Indian /Norway
Virender Sharawat, Indian / Canadian
Lu Chai, Chinese / Norway
Kumiko Ikebe, Japanese

Trip Name : Annapurna Circuit Trek

Trip Start Date : 05 April 2013

Very Professional Trekking Company

It was a nice trekking. Food, Accommodation, schedule, planning was pretty good.

My guide Mr. Jhanak was very competitive. He was a wide knowledge about the country, the costume, the people and the trekking in general. It was a pleasure to share this 10 days trekking with him. I would recommend this company (AATE) to everyone.

Ms. Maria Martinez

Trip Name : Gokyo Chola Pass + Everest Base Camp

Trip Start Date : 02 April 2013

Excellent service with reasonably price

I really enjoyed my 18 days trip to the Khumbu valley. My guide Chandra was very knowledgeable and caringly porter was very lovely too and the whole trip went very smoothly. The altitude was a bit heavy gone but I did not have any sickness or stomach problems. I would recommend this company to any one who wants a reasonably priced trek with excellent guides+ porter. All times I found the lack of sleep due to altitude heavy goings but my guide remained positive and supportive at all times. Chandra really loves his job and does his utmost to please. I really hope that I can trek with him again may be this October or November. Thank you for a brilliant trip.

Ms. Carolyn Angela Copperwheat

Trip Name : Ghorepani Ghandruk trek

Trip Start Date : 28 March 2013

"Amazing experience and outstanding service"

Our guide Jhanak was amazing. He taught us many things about the mountains, the people and the country. We think that the agency was very helpful for all the logistic and the organization of the trek.

The price is also good and every aspect was above our expectation. Jhanak is rally professional and he showed he controlled the situation perfectly. He was very nice and kind and generous of his time.

About Trekking company: Very reliable and professional

Ms. Claudia Tessier (Canada)
Mr. Gabriel Rioux (Canada)

Trip Name : Nagarkot Dhulikhel Hiking

Trip Start Date : 15 March 2013

Loved every bit of it. I have had other guides which were not very talkative and did not do a lot. Durga was fun to be ground and very flexible. When the more adventurous. One of us wanted to have a harder track; he'd show us detours and extra bits. The countryside was beautiful and the difficulty just right for our small group. We'd learn a bit Nepal dos and don't of the culture and even found edible plants. Thanks a bunch. Was a pleasure.

Niklas Walendy ( Germany)

We had an awesome time! The trekking is really nice, you go off road but it is not too difficult. The views are amazing, especially at sunset and sunrise. Nagarkot and the peaceful peaceful cottage are good places if you want a break. Its so peaceful and quite that you feel really relaxed after a days trek.
Go with AATE, you are in good hands!!

Jris Van Bam (Nederland)
Josephine Walbeck (Denmark)

K.C. Through the trek was informative, friendly and all around very kind towards thorough my experience with k.c. I have learned a great deal about the people and culture of Nepal. As well as super!! I look forward to working with his company in arranging further trek.

Jonny Eaves ( USA)

Trip Name : Everest Trail Loop (Mountain and Monastery Trek)

Trip Start Date : 19 November 2012

Alpine Asian treks and expedition booked our 9 days round trip trek into the mountains. Our guide Chuda handled everything on our trek extremely well, from the start, chuda respected all of our requests as well as maintain the schedule of our booked trip. Accommodation, food, fun, our hiking place and health were all in good hands with chuda. Our porter, Man kumar, not only carried our bag but helped with as much as he could. Man kumar was a very friendly and hard working individual on our trek. At the end of the day, Ashley and I felt extremely comfortable with both Chuda and Man kumar. They are fun, Knowledgeable and responsible individuals.

Thanks for the amazing experience.

Ashley and Stephan

Trip Name : Ghorepani Poon Hill Trek

Trip Start Date : 13 November 2012

It was my first time to go for trekking and was really great experience. The guide with us (Chuda) adjusted our pace of trekking well. Lodging and food were also very nice. I hope i could continue the trekking few days. 3 nights 4 Days trek was too short!!

During the trekking about 2800 m, I felt a light headache due to its hight. Chuda noticed it and helped me to carry my luggage. It was very helpful to me, and I was impressed by his good obesuation skills.

1st and 2nd day were easy. 3rd days were the hardest day for me with long hours walk and climbing down. Which caused horrible ache, over all scenery was very beautiful; especially walking in the forest was pleasant. Chuda san (Guide) had been always very nice, kind, diligent and modest. We are so satisfied with hid accompany, very appreciated. Food was also very good with lots of choices at every restaurant. For lodging , I loked the view of the 2nd night hotel where I was able to enjoy mountains. I also liked the relaxing and beautiful village of the 3rd night. Hotel at pokhara was clean and at a very convenient location.

Sizuka Kobayakawa and Kimie Onishi

Trip Name : Ghorepani Poon Hill Trek

Trip Start Date : 17 October 2012

Great trip. Very enjoyable. Fantastic scenery. Our guide was very knowledgeable and friendly. The lodges and lunch places were also good.

We loved the trip and the guide was very nice. Good and challenging place. An amazing peak of the nature peak of the nature of Nepal. Definitely I will recommend it to fellow volunteers to go through this trekking agency (Alpine Asian Treks) and with the same guide with Chuda Mani Giri.

P.A. Group (Project Abroad Group)

Bethany Armstead (Australia), Saskia van dek Gaag (Holland), MS.Annie Wilson (Australia),
Ms. Maria Leereck (Holland), Ms.Royorman (Holland)

Trip Name : Ghorepani Poon Hill Trek

Trip Start Date : 16 October 2012

I must start off with the amazing natural beauty. I have never seen anything like this in my entire life. The views and the east natural beauty has left me amazing by impressed. I advice every tourist that comes to Nepal to visit the annapurna region during their stay. The guide was friendly and excellent. I promise I will come back to Nepal to do the other trek with Alpine Asian Treks and at the time I will hire the same guide as well.

Koen van Seuren

Trip Name : Langtang + Gosaikunda + Helambu Trek

Trip Start Date : 11 October 2012

Route: Etapes of the route trek well timed. Great to have the freedom do go a bit further or a bit loss. Well done about the attitude, different, exiting etapes.

Guide: He does he's track with a lot of responsibility, takes care of the whole group, knows a lot about contry, trip and culture. He's respect full to everybody. He felt for the whole tank well caked. Great human.

Lodges: Simple rent, very friendly people, good choices. Organization: Seriously planed, good information, fast and competent. Well done.

Thanks a lot !

Nora lechmann and groups

Trip Name : Gosainkunda Trek

Trip Start Date : 19 October 2012

Comment from Grabrile Schlaeges:

Guide: Our trek was very nice. Chhabi was a very pleasant and friendly guide. Enjoying having him with us.

Gosaikunda Trip: The trip, very beautiful, needs an improvement of infrastructure. Me as a tourist, does not know what fore / paid $30 US entry fee. The lodges need investment and improvement.

Comment from Dr. Thomas Dochue

Our trip to Gosaikunda was great. Chhabi Lal has been guiding us throughout the whole trip in a highly competent and professional manner. We were very pleased with his friendliness and can heartily recommend him for future assignments.

Dr. Thomas Dochue and Grabrile Schlaeges

Trip Name : Ghorepani Poon Hill Trek

Trip Start Date : 19 June 2012

My experience on the 4 days Poon Hill trek was loads of fun! The teahouse were such a fun experience. The food was always good too! While on trekking. I saw many pretty views of mountain side. Luise and I had a fun time going up and downs those hills. Poon Hill trek was a lot more firing then expected- This is a good thing I am glad tha I was pushed to a higher physical limit. I am also very thankful that we were able to see the mountain range at the top of poon Hill. God allowed the clouds to part for us. I am most grateful for AATE for arranging wonderful guide, Chuda. Without him , we would have had no due where to go, where to eat or sleep and at what pace to walk. He was always helpful and kept a happy attitude which was encouraging when we felt like quitting. He had a ton of knowledge to share about trekking, the nepali village , culture etc. I fult that my experience would have not been nearly as rewarding without our guide. I hope to come back to do the Everest Base Camp in 2 year and I will go Through Alpine Asian Treks with the same guide ( Chuda) again. I will tell my friends in the U.S.A to go through Alpine Asian Treks for best service.

Best, Emily John (USA)
Louise ( Denmark)

Trip Name : Langtang Valley Trek

Trip Start Date : 06 June 2012

We enjoyed every moment of our Langtang Valley Trek, the jungle with monkeys to the top of the high mountains. I am very much happy and satisfied with their professional service. I would like to say thank you all the staff at AATE for providing me good guide and arranging the trek to Langtang Kyangin Gompa trek.

Our guide has done a very good job, he was always there to help us when we need it, and He took my bag because it was too heavy and took my boyfriend's bag when he was sick.

He went slowly to be sure that we could follow him and he chose very food place for then nights. He was always there for us, make sure that we were okay and we enjoyed the trek.

I will recommend AATE to my colleague who wishes to do trek in Nepal.

Thank you
Ms. Marie Eve Frenette and Mr. Francois Olivier Tremblay

Trip Name : Jiri to Everest Base Camp Trek + Island Peak Climbing

Trip Start Date : 01 June 2012

In short, I was very happy and satisfied with their friendly and professional service and support during my trip of Jiri to Everest Base Camp Trek and Island Peak Climbing. Since I have been dreaming about trekking and climbing in Nepal for many years. Finding the right people to help me turn my dream to reality was of utmost importance needless to say. So they were very responsive and efficient in terms of organizing and running the itinerary. And also very friendly and courteous.

Thank you all the staff @ AATE. For helping me live the dream for other trekking plans. I have in mind in the upcoming season. I will never hesitate to go with AATE again and definitely recommend them to my family and all other acquaintances who wish to trek in Nepal.

God Bless
Ken Lee

Trip Name : Dhaulagiri Trek

Trip Start Date : 19 May 2012

We Spent besutiful 12 days in Himalaya Dhaulagiri region. Dhaulagiri Trek is amazing and very difficult. There were two persons who helped us a lot – Our guide Panche and Our Porter. Without these two guys it would have been even more difficult (or impossible) to do the trek.

And there was one more person we need to mention - Mr. Shekhar (Alpine Asian Trek). He planned us to organize the whole trek, all necessary permits and tickets and after trekking back, he helped us again – one person of our group injured herself while descending from the Dhampus Pass to Marpha. Shekhar helped us to organize the helicopter rescue as well as arranging transport to the clinic where we get the right treatment.

AATE (Alpine Asian Treks and Expedition) are real professionals. We recommend them to everybody.

Andres and Martina

Trip Name : Langtang Valley + Gosainkunda Pass + Helambu Trek

Trip Start Date : 12 Nov 2008

Alpine Asian Treks and Expedition (AATE) provided Senior Guide and good friend, Surya Thapa, to join me a 16 day tour of Langtang, Gosainkunda pass and Helambu. Surya is very experienced, fully fluent in English and has extensive knowledge of Nepali mountain and people. As Usual the trip was excellent.

I have been trekking in Nepal about five times in the past fifteen years with a total time in Nepal of about Nine month. AATE is a highly recommended trekking company and Surya is my trekking guide of Choice.

Scott Graham
Canada / UAE

The pics can be seen At:,photos/fscottgraham/collections

Trip Name : Helambu Trek with Guide

Trip Start Date : 16 Nov 2011

My name is Denise, I have been coming to Nepal numerous times since 1973 !

When younger, I used to trek alone, without neither guide nor porter.

Nevertheless in the past 12 years when trekking again the Annapurna circuit, the Gosaikunda Lakes I was accompanied by a guide helping me as well with my light pack, some 5 kgs !

Just lately, mid-november 2011, I repeated a trek I enjoy very much : THE HELAMBU REGION.

Even if I know well the area, I thought it was better to be accompanied by a guide helping me with my pack. I got in touch with the Alpine Asian Treks to get such a guide.

The Director SHEKHAR has been most amiable/courteous and helpful, very concerned about contacting a guide most appropriate for the trek and myself.

He recommended me a young guide named Chuda who has been very good both in his guidance and loading some of my staff in his backpack (maximum 4/5 kgs as I like to trek "light"). CHUDA was thoughtful and discreet, of excellent behaviour in the Guest Houses where we stopped for overnights. He let me choose the guest houses and the timing of walking, always agreeing with my suggestions. He is also very clean with very pleasant manners.

We got along very well. I do highly recommend therefore this trekking company and CHUDA.


Deniese Van Weddingen

Trip Name : Experience in Nepal and Bhutan

Trip Start Date : 27 Apr 2011

Shekhar and Team,

Thank you so much for lovely EXPERINCE IN NEPAL. As a customer I always looking for quality and communication. ALPINE ASIAN TREKS AND EXPEDITION Done just that. Shekhar was communicating with me from DAY ONE. Any question asked been answered with in 2-3 days. We connected on sky-pe, Facebook. Shekhar Well informed, well organized. Very reliable. Organized my trip to BHUTAN as well, which wrny just perfect. Already planning my new trip for next year, and going to work with Shekhar's company. Thanks again for beautiful holiday. As a first timer it was experience of a life time. Keep up a good work.

Laimonas Maculevicus
Lithuania/ United Kingdom

Trip Name : Everest, Gokyo Lake and Kalapathar Trek

Trip Start Date : 29 Aug 2010

Superb Experience with Alpine Asian Treks and Exp.(AATE).Booked and Everest , Gokyo lake, Kalapatter, trip with AATE through internet. It was an all inclusive package and it seriously was "All" inclusive. They go way out of normal service rendered by typical four agencies to make my stay a really pleasant one right from the start of my trip; many hiccups were taken care of by the staff of AATE. E.g. lost baggage flight cancellation due weather and hence last minute change of trekking plan to Annapurna Circuit. Heaps of paper work needed to be done and they were completed in a span of 1 hour. trekking pass, arrangement of driver, new flights, accommodation and documentation to assist me in claiming travel insurance). My sincere appreciation to staff of AATE, especially Milan for answering my endless questions through e-mail and taking great effort to see to my request of shopping @ shops with honest prices for my trekking gear and souvenirs.

Trip Name : Annapurna Circuit + Ghorepani Trek

Another must highlight person is my personal guide for 12 days (Annapurna Circuit and Ghorepani), Mr. Krishna Gurung, He is very experienced and very meticulous in looking after every detail to make my trip a comfortable one. He also tries to make conversation to introduce Nepal's culture, religions and of course the flora and fauna in Annapurna. He has a good command of English and is in fact a kind fatherly figure well-liked by his local friends as we trekked from village to village, strongly recommend his service.


See you on 2011

Trip Name : Annapurna Circuit Trek

Trip Date : 30th October 2010

I had an amazing time trekking with Pawan. I was a little worried from horror stories I had heard from other single female travelers + would have rather gone with a group. But he made me feel very comfortable + safe. He had excellent knowledge of the area and answered all my questions. It was very good it made me feel like I was on Holiday + could relax as he took care of everything, ordering my food finding the room + planning our schedule. We did almost the full Annapurna Circuit and the 1st night I met the group of people and he was very co-operative in letting me walk or stay with them when we could which made it even more enjoyable for me. I always felt safe if the trail became dangerous in places, Pawan was always very close + to be fair he did warm me about the plant that electrocuted me!!

The company helped me put together the trek at the last minute + with ease , they let me meet my guide before leaving and made me feel very comfortable answering all my question and I would defiantly recommend them and my guide to future trekkers + I look forward to coming back for another trek

Natalie from Australia

Trip Name : Annapurna Base Camp Trek

Trip Date : January 2008

To all the staff of Alpine Asian Treks and Expedition P ltd, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for helping me achieve one of my dreams of trekking to Annapurna Base Camp (4130m).

This was my first trek and its kind and did not think I would succeed when i became a little ill during the trip but you supported me enough to feel confident in putting my life in your hands and I succeeded.

Your service and in particular my guide Surya's experience was everything a person could wish for while traveling in a foreign country and in particular the Himalayas which can be challenging at best of times.

I thank you all and wish you and your families' health and peace.

I highly recommend your service to anyone wishing to experience trekking in the Himalayas and I know that they would always be cared for in a professional manner that would enable them to achieve an adventurous, fun and safe trek.

I look forward to my next wonderful trekking experience and would like to send special regards to Captain and Commando.

George Georgopoulos
Sydney Australia

Trip Name : Annapurna Circuit Trek

Trip Date : May 5th, 2007

To whom it may concern

We, a married couple from Canada completed the Annapurna circuit 11Aoril to 29 April 2007. We booked the services of a guide and a porter through Mr. Shekhar Bahadur Thapa at Alpine Asian Treks and have nothing but good things to say regarding our experience with Mr. Shekhar and the guide and Porter which we hired through Alpine Asian Treks. Our guide Pasang Sherpa, was helpful in times of looking out for our safety and explaining Nepali culture. His warm smile and by laugh helped us through some of the harder days. Our porter Mr. Deb Bhakta, took exceptional care of our belongings and was very efficient and friendly. Both were extremely courteous , attentive and professional. We want to thank Mr. Shekhar for providing us two great people to trek with. We were very happy with the level of service provided by Alpine Asian Treks. Rest assured that Mr. Shekhar is committed to the highest quality of customer service. We would not hesitate to recommend him and his company's professional services to others. One day, when we return to Nepal, we will plan to do further business with Alpine Asian Treks. Thanks for the Great experience.

Tara and Nathan Lockhart
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Trip Name : Annapurna Circuit Trek

Trip Date : April 2007

We just return from trekking Annapurna circuit. We had such an amazing time during our twenty days. The circuit itself is absolutely beautiful and ever-changing. I would recommend this trek to everyone..... who wants to get a good work out as well as. Alpine Asian Treks was very professional and made our experiences easy. They set up everything's for us and gave us the star treatment, they also gave us an amazing guide, Ram. Ram is by for most energetic, happy and thoughtful guide. We meet or saw throughout the whole circuit. He made our trip hussle free and so enjoyable. There wasn't a moment that passed where he wasn't guggling or chatting with the locals.

Overall, I would definitely recommend booking a trek through Alpine Asian Treks using Ram as your guide to anyone, everyone. We are now on our way home with new friends, huge calves, and of course fluent in the Nepalese language. Thank you so much for the wonderful time in this beautiful country.

Brooke and Kevin
Colorado, USA

Trip Name : Nepal Himalayan Trek

Trip Date : Feb 2007

Hi, Alpine Asian Treks and Expedition P ltd and Mr. Ang my guide, One of the best times of my life, The guide Ang was excellent, what a top guy and so experienced. Will recommend him to any body. And I will return again next year to trek with Ang.


Trip Name: Homestay Tour around Dumre

Trip Date : January 2007

I joined Shekhar and his family on a six day home stay tour around Dumre. Dumre is 5hrs west form Kathmandu by tourist bus. Three days spend in Chundi area about 15 km north form Dumre. I had the unique experience to visit local villages really exposed to tourist and enjoyed their hospitality. One day we trek to the strategic palace site of Tanahunsur high on the crest of a ridge with the excellent views of Manaslu Range to the north and the Dhaulagiri Range to the west. Along the way the local villagers treated us with tasty in season tangerines and their home made raksi. The following three days were spent in the Bandipur, Ramkopt Besi and Ramkot to the south of Dumre. We day hike to the traditional Magar village of Reamkot high on a saddle of a ridge. Along the way we visited a local school and met with villagers. I had an excellent six days experiencing the hospitality, culture and natural farm based cuisine of these areas infrequently visited by tourists. Traditional veg, and non -veg cuisine, which are organic based, are available everywhere. If you have an extra week to spend in Nepal I highly recommend this area of central Nepal. It also provides the opportunity to see tourism benefits going to areas that normally don't see any.

Scott Graham

Trip Name: Nagarkot Hiking

Trip Date: Jan 9 2007

Great walk from Nagarkot, with Shekhar............. Great company............ Good views......wonderful villages, much love my friend and good luck with everything

Irene Lehoullier
USA Vergin Islands

Trip Name: Nagarkot Hiking

Trip Date: Jan 9 2007

Ditto! Great walk .........great information...........learned a lot! I hope to come back and do a much more extensive trek with you! I will recommend to anyone I can

Stephen Norris
Portland Maine, USA

Trip Name: Annapurna Circuit Trek

Trip Date: Jan 5 2007

To whom it may concern

I have just completed the round Annapurna circuit trek. It was a wonderful experienced and well organized by Alpine Asian Trekking company. In particular my guide Ang Thile Sherpa (Ang) was extremely good and enhanced the trek immeasurably, he was a great help and a good guy to be with. He comes with my highest regards and recommendation.

Benjamin James

Trip Name: Nepal Mountain Hiking

Trip Date: Dec 25 2006

Hi Everyone, I am form Maldives, I like hiking but I was scared about the Nepal mountain before i did. I had enjoy it very much without any problem. The trekking company I has used Alpine Asian Treks and Expedition P Ltd. had give a detail information abut the forth coming problem in the mountain and specially my guide Ram Kumar Giri was excellent. He is very well experienced and helpful. I have no hesitation to recommend this company and Ram as a guide.

M Ajameepol

Trip Name: Nepal Mountain Trekking

Trip Date: Nov 12 2006

To Alpine Asian and Team,


I just would like to thanks you cordially for the enchanting moments spent in his beautiful country and gorgeous mountain. The friendly atmosphere was also enhanced by the pleasant and worm people accompanying us- our guide Mr. Ram and especially our porter Mr. Debi and of course and the local people on the trek. Thank you once again cordially for making my dreams true. Hope I will be able to repeat them many times in my life!

With lots of love and respect,
Razlog ,Bulgaria

Trip Name : Kalapattar Everest Base Camp Trek

Trip Date : 10 Dec 2006

I have just get back form Kalapatter Everest base camp trek. I have take a guide com porter form this company. He was excellent. He has carry my language and help me to find a guest in trekking as well as. I feel comfortable to take a guide or porter form this company. His price is also not expensive. Mr. Shekhar can speak Japanese so its more easy to Japanese. Thank you very much for everything. Wish you all good luck for your business. I like to come back again and do trekking with you.

Tokiyama Minako

Trip Name : Dhaulagiri Circuit and Rolwaling Trek

Trip Date: Nov 12 2006

Hi, I had done tow trekking with the management of Shekhar Bahadur Thapa in Dhaulagiri circuit and Rolwaling trek before. His all management was perfect. His all the staff was very nice and professional. I had enjoyed very much. I would like to be back again with him to do another trek next year. I wish him all the best for his business.

Andrzej Blaszkiewicz

Trip Name : Trip to Lumbini

Trip Date : Sep 22 2006


We are form Japan. We was roaming in Thamel looking some local trekking agents. We have decided to check Alpine Asian Treks and Expedition P Ltd. We have talked with Mr. Shekhar Thapa and finally we found him very reliable and convenient. We then decided to buy a trip with him to go to Lumbini. It was all very fine with us. I would like to tell to them that if you are looking some trekking agents you can better check him. He further can speak Japanese what specially can make easy to Japanese. The all Nepali people are nice. We like to be back again Nepal and with this company. We wish him good luck for business.



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