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Staff Welfare

Background :

We, the team of Alpine Asian Treks & Expedition have been professional tour organizers for more than 15 years in the Himalayas. We have on occasion encountered one or two accident with regard the trekking crew (guide, porter, cook and helper). Sometimes a small problem with the crew could have been minimized if it could have been treated in time. Because of the problem of raising a small amount of money they have avoided going to hospital. This then can grow with difficulties for their remaining life. In the mean time we have realized that if the problem could be treated in time it could at least help them to live a normal life. The individual can then remain an experienced porter for the next trekking event. We did not find in Nepal any form of insurance or association that is providing any positive assistance towards the welfare of trekking crews. This even though up until this time there are many trekking crews who are not insured as per the government rules of Nepal. Most of the crew are working for their very survival. They all have families who are depending on his income. We have noticed that somehow they are living that way but when the accident happens they have no way except praying to God or getting a loan from their land lord.

How does it works :

Here, our company has decided to do some things towards the trekking crew who are working with us. Now we have started to generate the money amongst ourselves against the potential of nay future accident. This company announces to the crew to deposit the small amount of the money (Nrs50 only) for each trek and the company will contribute the same amount (Nrs50 only). We will keep this money in a separate account held in reserve for such special needs. We will use that fond as and when the need arises for the benefit of our team members. The amount well be decided by discussion amongst the senior members of the (crew) team.

Who can get it :

We have decided to apply this process towards the limited members of our crews. The beneficiaries can include their father, mother, wife and children only. We welcome your suggestions and comments and to be more systematic and practical. If you would like to contribute any amount will be always acceptable. Please do not hesitate to comment back to us at any time.

Insured Staffs :

Please view our staffs' (guides and porters) insurance documents.


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