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Rafting in Nepal

Is Rafting your passion?

If yes, then pack your luggage and be ready to move between the mighty Himalayas of Nepal, as you will be welcomed with world's best rafting rivers. We will showcase your rafting adventure with the finest white water rafting trips. So make yourself ready to enter into the pristine wilderness and experience unique, action packed river fun that will leave you screaming from more.

Why to choose rafting in Nepal?

You can choose your river rafting destinations. If your trip is a family trip or you are a novice boater, there are rivers with easy rafting grade. Many experienced white water rafters constantly look out for wilder and more intense rapids, and hence they choose rivers with moderate to extreme rafting grade.

Nepal's rivers change with every season. Each year, after the heavy monsoon rains the waters swell, changing the run of the rivers and the nature of the rapids. New rapids are created, others become more difficult and some simply impossible to navigate.

Nepal River Rafting

Easy River Rafting in Nepal

Rafting Grade: Easy

Best Season: Sept-Nov/ Feb-Jun

Best Selling - Easy River Rafting

Classic River Rafting in Nepal

Rafting Grade: Moderate

Best Season: Sept-Nov/ Feb-Jun

Best Selling - Classic River Rafting

Thrilling River Rafting in Nepal

Rafting Grade: Difficult

Best Season: Oct-Dec/ Feb-Apr

Best Selling - Thrilling River Rafting

Exhilarating River Rafting in Nepal

Rafting Grade: Very Difficult

Best Season: Oct-Dec/ Feb-Apr

Best Selling - Exhilarating River Rafting

Ragging River Rafting in Nepal


Rafting Grade: Difficult

Best Season: Oct-Dec/ Feb-Apr

Best Selling - Ragging River Rafting

Nepal Rafting Information

River grading

According to its difficulty, the rivers are rated on a scale of class I-VI

Class I: The Rivers have shower- moving current with little or no obstacles.

Class II/ III: These River run faster with smaller and medium rapids.

Class IV: The River have long, continuous section of white water with large waves which required a strong paddling and good team work in the boat.

Class V: The river has powerful prolonged section of rapids and big holes with required a strong paddling and experienced team.

Class VI: Considered to be almost impossible to run rafting or danger zone.

Recommended rafting gears

Wet gears: Sandals, half pans, T shirts, helmet, paddle, life jacket and P Cap.

Camp gears (Changing gears): light jacket, trouser, under wear, cap, towel, flash light, sleeping bag, sun glass, some medicine and camera.

Optional gears: Books, fishing rod, playing cards, snacks, Swiss knife, swim suit and binocular

Rafting Meals

Nepali set: Rce, Dal, Mix Veg, Chicken, pickle, salad and soup

Cold Lunch: Potato, boil egg, ham, cheese, orange, apple, banana, salami, carrot, cucumber, radish, white bread, microni.

Breakfast: Bread, Tibetan bread, pan cake, Omelet, hash brown potato, porridge, muesli, tea, coffee.

Dinner: Soup, fry rice, chicken, mix veg, Dal, Salad, papad, Achar, pasta, fry rice¸Spaghetti, Thenthuk, Thukpa boil and iodine treated water.


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