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Peak Climbing in Nepal

Peak Climbing in Nepal is a fascinating dream for many mountain climbers, as peak climbing, first, became popular in Nepal when Mt. Everest was scaled by Late Tenzing Norgey and Sir Edmond Hillary in 1953.

Peak Climbing in Nepal is controlled and managed by Nepal mountaineering association (NMA). As a member company of NMA, we, Alpine Asian Treks and Expeditions, are authorized to obtain climbing permit and operate the peak climbing expeditions for our clients.

Whether it is a beginner or professional peak climber, exact equipments and experienced peak climbing guides is a must, as we have to be very careful in the Himalayas, limiting risk to our health and life. Normally, basic mountaineering equipments includes ice axe, crampons, ropes, harness, boot and other mountaineering gears which are to be used only under the supervision and instruction from your climbing guide.

Peak Climbing in Nepal are categorized in accordance with the height of the Peaks, namely - Above 6000m, Above 7000m and Above 8000m.

From Beginners to the Professional Peak Climber, we have easy, technical and rock and ice technical peak climbing routes. We have some peak less than 6500m in Khumbu, Langtang, Annapurna, other region to climb in small scale.

Easy Peak Climbing in Nepal are scalable with some effort and desire to conquer the peak.

Technical Peak Climbing in Nepal requires both skills and experience climbing guide and comparatively demanding.

Rock / Ice Technical Peak Climbing in Nepal is hard and also requires technically trained / experienced climbing guide for these peaks.

Mera Peak Climbing, Island Peak Climbing, Pisang Peak Climbing, Tent Peak Climbing, Lobuche East Peak Climbing are more popular peak climbing routes for the beginners.

Singu Chuli Peak Climbing, Chulu West Peak Climbing, Pachermo Peak Climbing are comparatively demanding.

The best season for the Peak Climbing in Nepal is either in Spring or in Autumn. Himalayas from Nepal are always welcoming to you but you should go smoothly to avoid the mountain sickness. Normally in any season, it requires warm enough clothing to be protected from the frost bite, cold or some other cold problem.

Nepal Peak Climbing Packges listed below will help you choose the right peak to climb.

Nepal Peak Climbing

Easy Peak Climbing in Nepal

Peak Climbing: Easy

Min. Group Size: 02

Best Selling - Easy Peak Climbing

Rock / Ice Technical Peaks

Peak Climbing: Rock / Ice Technical

Min. Group Size: 02

Best Selling - Rock / Ice Technical Climbing


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