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Nepal Travel Information - Dos and Don'ts

1. Be known of the local situation:

While you are traveling in Nepal you can expect some demonstrations, riots and road blockade. Normally they happen in the city areas and noticed in advance. Though there are some exceptional cases of sudden blockade or strike (like a life death in road accident or etc) but they were settled in few hours. Alpine Asian Treks would like to advise to our clients to take some extra time to be safe just in case that happen while in tour/ trek. You can always contact to our information counter for the further information.

2. Be known of your health condition before heading trek tour:

Alpine Asian Treks would like to advise to our travelers/ trekkers that please check your health conditions before you go to Nepal. There may not have good enough hospitals or clinic as you expect in your home town. Especially if you are going to do a trek you must. We further would like to advise to all the trekkers to be known about the mountain sickness, symptoms and preventions. You can contact us for the further information's. You can buy the insurance before you are going out for traveling.

3. Make copy of your valuable documents and keep with you:

We would like to advise to our valuable guests to have a copy of their passport, visa with them and leave one copy to Alpine Asian Treks. We will always keep your documents highly secured and will be used in need with your permission. Generally you don't need to show your passport while in trekking or tours out of the city as you have your copy and trekking permit or etc.

4. Follow the safety instructions while in trekking:

We would like to advise you to follow the original trekking itinerary. Just incase the emergency evacuation will follow the itinerary and search the victims. Don't go to the edge to take a photograph, don't go far in the night and be informed to your guide if your going far than 10m from your camp/ lodge. Do not split from your group and don't trek alone. Please use a reputable trekking agency that got a license to operate a trekking from the Nepal government.

5. Avoid drugs and illegal shopping:

While you are walking down to the city or even some times in the villages you may meet to the drugs seller, animals skin, bone, skin, hair, or etc. Alpine Asian Treks strictly advise not to buy them. They might be band from the Nepal government rules and regulations.

6. Be informed to your embassy or consulate in Nepal while traveling/ trekking:

For your safety and security Alpine Asian Treks register to you buying a TIMS (Trekkers Information Management System). TIMS hold the records to all the trekkers where they are going, for how long, which route, which agency and your passport details. Further you can register to yourself to your embassy or consulate.

7. Try to Trek/ Travel responsibly:

Alpine Asian Treks would like to request to save the environment to the coming generation. Don't disturb the livings, don't cut down the trees, respect the local culture, pay reasonable price and encourage the local to be involve preserving their society and develop.

8. Avoid Touts and Bagger:

Donation is indirectly encouraging to begging. Especially we would like to request not to give any money to child and young. Even though you are kind enough to them by donating but indirectly they are getting used not work but waiting to another kind person. The other bad part is they will use that money to buy alcohol, drugs, or use for bad things. The problems in the city are touts. They are always trying to take you some nearest shop and get commission. They further will try to sell the fake or duplicate things to get more commission.

9. Don't eat street food:

We don't like to recommend you to eat a street food. Normally the street food can be delicious, cheep or easy to find them but mostly they are prepared to the Nepalese way of eating (spices, ingredients, water or etc). People from west are not custom to eat spicy, oily food. Your stomach may not digest them or some time they mare not well cooked and not hygienic food.

10. Drinking water:

We would like to recommend you to drink boiled water, bottle water or treated water. You can't drink direct water like local. If you are traveling/ trekking to a non tourist area Alpine Asian Treks strongly recommend drinking boiled water. Further you can visit our website


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