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Climbing Gears

Climbing Equipment in Nepal

Nepal Himalayas has all graded technical difficulties to the climbers (from beginners to professionals). The requirement of equipment to climb the mountain depends on difficulties and experience of the climber. We have a general list of equipment which are been using for successful ascend of the peak in former times. Though, there are always latest, handy and advance supporting gears are coming.

Fix rope: The fix rope is fixed to the climber's safety while they are going up or taking rest on climbing. Very climbers will be attached with it on their way up or down.

Main Rope: This rope will help climbers to climb up by using Gummer. This is also called climbing rope.

Ice axe: Ice axe is the main equipment on mountain climbing. There are normal and technical exe axe and while climbing hanging glacier, or Vertical Mountain, climber use two ice axe but in normal route one is enough.

Rock Piton: Rock Pitons are used to hold the rope in rock. Mostly they are used to fix the rope.

Snow bar: Snow bar used to hold the rope in an icy part.

Ice hammer: Ice hammer, normally guide will have. It is used to hit the ice, fix the snow bar, rock pitons.

Clients' personal equipment

Climbing boots: It is require a hard plastic boot while on climbing. They must be ok to hold crampons. There are some different branded boots to your comfortable.

Crampons: Crampons are a special equipment to fix with the boot which will help the climber to hold on ice and snow.

Harness: Harness is special equipment which will help to hold your body with the fix rope or main rope.

Sunscreen: They are use to protect the skin from the sun. The sun rays are strong in the mountain as the air is clean.

Lip salve: To protect your lip from cold.

Sleeping bag: The better quality sleeping bag is required to have a good sleep.

Socks and wool

Helmet (crash hat): Helmet is use while climbing in vertical section or if there are chances of following stone or etc.

Long sleeved: they are used to wear at night while sleeping and inner wear at day time.

Cotton/woolen shirts: The woolen shirts are use while resting in day time at tent or around.

Sleeping pad: They are a mattress use inside the tent while sleeping or rest.

climbing socks: The better quality socks are required in climbing. They are very important to protect the feet from cold.

Gaiters: Gaiters help to stop going water or snow inside your shoe or feet. There days there are boots which are attached gaiters together.

Karabiners: They are special knots which are used in climbing rock or mountain. It will help to attach the things and hold you on rope. There are locking and none locking Karabiners.

Ice screws: it is use to fix the rope on blue ice.

Warm climbing trousers: You need warm climbing trousers while climbing.

Descender (Figure 8): This will help you to climb down.

Ascender (Gummer): This is special equipment which will help to go up. It will help to climb up with the help of the rope.

Sun hat: They are use at resting/ day time to be protected from sun.

Climbing Jacket: it is mandatory to have a father down jacket to be protected from cold. It depends on, how cold or high you are going.

Climbing sunglasses: It requires a special sunglass to protect your eyes from sun, wind and snow.

Down high altitude: You can have an extra light down to use in the high altitude

T-shirts: T-shirts are useful at base camp in the day time.

Tapes/slings: Tapes are used for safety lock.

Long cotton hiking shirts: they are useful at base camp in the day time.

Lightweight fleece: they are useful at base camp in the day time or wear inside.

Light cotton athletic: These cloths are more useful in camp or rest day.

Lightweight thermal/ insulated ski gloves: They are climbing gloves.

Wool long underwear: It will help you to keep warm.

Fleece/wool for climbing: These are inner wear in climbing.

A small medical supply: These are for mountain sickness/ small incident or etc. The general medicine will be with team or at camp.

Kitchen gears and utensils: these items are for base camp. Normally, there will be a gas, stove and light food will be with guide/ climber.

Camping equipment: (Sleeping tent, Kitchen dinning, toilet, mattress)

For Medical supply: please consult your physical and bring your personal medicine or other allergic items.

You may have some other, ideas for clothing's we have give you general ideas only.

You can have your own diet or from your home. We will provide general food only.


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